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Your personal involvement and/or financial contribution has the power to make a big difference!

Here are a few ways to keep our domestic partnership rights should Referendum 71 be placed on the ballot this fall.

1. Vote approve Referendum 71 to preserve our Domestic Partnership Law in Washington State! Please ask your friends to pledge as well! Make sure your family and co-workers know to do the same.  Send a copy of this e-mail to your friends, family and associates telling why they should take the Pledge to Approve Ref 71.
2. Print out and take Pledge Forms with you to social events. Ask people who haven’t yet pledged online to sign the pledge by filling out this form and return your forms to Washington Families Standing Together via mail to: PO Box 12216, Seattle, WA 98102. Collect pledges at your church or synagogue social hour, farmers markets, and other events.
3. Print out and post this Placard. Place it in your window at home, in your car, of if you are allowed, in your workspace. Print it on card stock, and staple it to a paint stirring stick to make a hand-held sign for rallies, parades and events. Or print out the black and white inksaver version.
4. Volunteer to phonebank or do outreach at civic events. Every call you make will help move people to from the non-voters/undecided voters towards assuring civil rights for all Washington families.  RSVP to be a phonebanker here. RSVP to do outreach here.
5. Write a Letter to your local newspaper. Explain in personal terms what the domestic partnership law means to your family or people that you love. Ask people to join you in approving referendum 71. You’ll love our letter writing tool.
6. Become our friend on Facebook. For example say “I took the Pledge to Approve Referendum 71. Washingtonians please do the same by clicking here: http://tinyurl.com/approve-ref-71 Use this graphic as your Facebook picture:


7. Print out a sheet of Approve Ref. 71 stickers. These stickers are sized to fit on an 8 1/2″  standard sheet of  2″ x 4″ mailing labels (compare to Avery 5163).  Use them to identify yourself to fellow volunteers at field events.
8. Add a reminder to approve Referendum 71 in your email signature. Here is a sample message: Protect all Washington State Families — Approve Referendum 71! http://tinyurl.com/approve-ref-71

For instructions on how to do this using Outlook click here.

9. Ask organizations to get involved: Ask any organization with which you are associated to join the growing list of groups working together to retain the Domestic Partnership Expansion Bill of 2009. Find a list of endorsers here. If your organization would like to become a coalition partner, please either: Fill our our on-line form or download our Organizational Endorsement Form (PDF) (56k) and submit it to endorse@wasft.org

10. Donate to Washington Families Standing Together! If you do not like to make contributions online, print out our contribution form and mail it in with your check or credit card donation.
11. Register to vote

12. Follow us on Twitter.

Visit the Handouts section of WAFST.org to access other materials you can use to educate people about Referendum 71.


Help fully fund our Approve Referendum 71 campaign.


If you're interested in volunteering, please send email to volunteer@wafst.org